George Urban Blvd is odd enough, the way it winds from Genesee to Harlem, then the jog at Union.

But today I discovered that there is another part of George Urban Blvd - it runs from Pine Ridge along the northwest side of Scajaquada Creek, although it has never been a paved road, it was apparently used as the access path to the Community Center when the bridge across Scajaquada Creek near the Community existed.

I was researching the property adjacent to the Scajaquada Creek near Pine Ridge when i cam across a deed that described the property as bordering Pine Ridge and George Urban Blvd. At first I thought it was an error but I found a map in the Town of Cheektowaga Engineering department depicting that strip of land as George Urban Blvd. That map appears to be a portion of a county plat map, so given the deen description and the map I'm certain the strip of land is in fact George Urban Blvd. I always thought it was just part of the Town Park.