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Thread: Pro-Muslim Rally on 9/11

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    Pro-Muslim Rally on 9/11

    So a group of Muslims decided it was a good idea to pick 9/11 to celebrate their religion... the same religion that took thousands of innocent lives 12 short years ago. A group of bikers showed up to show solidarity for those who died. Looks like the Bikers outnumbered the terrorists! Good thing. The NERVE of these Muslims to desecrate those who died at the hands of Muslim terrorists on 9/11. Scumbags. They are lucky we live in the greatest country on earth or they wouldn't be able to spread their hatespeech so freely.

    Thousands of bikers from around the country roared into the D.C. area on Wednesday in a show of support for Sept. 11 victims and in solidarity against a controversial Muslim rally on the Mall.

    The 2 Million Bikers to DC ride might have fallen short of 2 million strong, but the numbers were impressive. A line of shining chrome and steel bikes stretched about a third of a mile from the starting point at the Harley Davidson of Washington store just outside the District in Prince George’s County.

    PHOTOS: A salute to America's warriors on the front lines of the war on terror

    The bikers began departing from the store at about 10:30 in staggered groups of 50, stopped for traffic lights and taking an hour or so to get on the road.

    The ride was complicated by the fact that federal and local authorities denied a permit that would have offered the riders a police escort through traffic — a sore spot with organizers who thought the denial was for political purposes.

    “We’re here for 9-11,” said national ride coordinator Belinda Bee. “We are going to have a peaceful ride. … But there are people who are sick and tired of their rights and liberties being taken away.”
    Hundreds of motorcycle riders from across the country ride into the district, causing large traffic jams, in Washington, DC., Wednesday, September 11, 2013. (Andrew S Geraci/The Washington Times)

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    Hundreds of motorcycle riders from across the country ride into the district, ... more >

    The National Park Service has denied any political motivation for refusing the permit, which ride organizers sought last month. The Park Service earlier this year granted a permit to a Muslim group planning a rally Wednesday to call attention to social justice issues.

    The American Muslim Political Action Committee has scheduled a rally to draw attention to what they call unfair fear of Muslims after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

    Ms. Bee said the ride was originally set up to counter the rally and show respect for the victims of that day.

    SEE ALSO: Muslim rally vastly outnumbered by bikers, counterprotesters

    Dan O'Brien, 54, of Mansfield, Ohio, said he had been “looking for a ride like this” to honor the Sept. 11 victims, but the rally also spurred him to join.

    “This is very disgraceful,” he said. “They picked a day precious to the United States and its citizens.”

    Waiting for the call to put up his kickstand, 68-year-old Jim Hearley said he rode his bike about 650 miles from Ellijay, Ga., to show his support.

    “I had to do it. It was the patriot thing to do,” the former Marine and Vietnam veteran said, adding that the Muslim rally was what originally drew him to the ride.

    “Any other day it probably wouldn’t have been as big as it is, but it pissed off a lot of veterans and a lot of Americans.”

    Kelly Volb, a 42-year-old Pennsylvania woman who attended the ride, said organizers of the pro-Muslim rally “picked the wrong day to do it.”

    “This is to remember everyone who perished on 9-11, out of respect to them,” she said.

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    21 moslems plus five reporters and the national parks service estimated 1.2million bikers they were not allowed to ride in large numbers without a permit so they broke off into smaller groups that went to memorials all over the city. why wasn't there any media coverage? could it have been because they are against the war Obama wants so badly. or was it because they ruined the Moslem protest that were afraid to show up for their own rally
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