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Thread: Art Wander Comments on Bills, Chip Kelly and Jim Kelly

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    Art Wander Comments on Bills, Chip Kelly and Jim Kelly

    Artie Babie Bo Bo comments on the Bills, Chip Kelly and Jim Kelly in his latest "Don't Get Me Started" at

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    Art Wander said Now Jim Kelly. It’s almost laughable that announcers keep mentioning the “new” offensive philosophies being employed by NFL teams and the hurry-up. Spare me. Jim Kelly ran the run and shoot with the Houston Gambles, putting up numbers that quarterbacks can only dream of. While Kelly didn’t get going in Buffalo until Ted Marchibroda put in the system certainly fit the players’ talents and ushered in the K-gun. You can call it that, or hurry-up or run and shoot. But it was the first team to do that and Kelly ran it to perfection…….all the way to four straight super bowls.

    Art let's get some things straight here. Jim Kelly had multiple superior pro bowl linemen in front of him Hull ,Ballard, Wolford etc.... #2 Jim Kelly was no threat to run the football, if he could they would have maybe won a superbowl(the 1st one).

    Buffalo offensive line can't handle that type of offense and the tight end for the Bills isn't a game breaker to complete the receiving core. Doug Marrone has to be more creative and EJ isn't accurate throwing the ball down the field, that's why you haven't seen him attempt many bombs. Don't get me started !

    People who were impressed with the Bills hanging with the Pat's remember this, BRADY HAD NO REAL NFL SEASON RECEIVERS TO THROW THE BALL TO, IF HE DID IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NO CONTEST. The Bills never keep good DB's and they are always in a contract dispute going all the way back to Nate Odom's after the salary cap kicked in. Any team that has real NFL receivers are going to torch the Bills secondary all yr long.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    I'm bringthetruth, and I approve of this message !

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    EJ’s Dad is best friends with former Buffalo Bills great Bruce Smith, who was not on hand for the game, despite being a Wall of Fame member. Smith did text EJ after the game to congratulate him on his performance.

    Art did ya see that.

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