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Thread: California going after Black cars !

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    California going after Black cars !

    Could this be true that the Nanny state of Califorina are now planning on going after to ban black cars.

    Kiss Your Black Auto Goodbye and Save the Planet! Hooray for the Nanny State! Black cars, so the California legislature surmises, are hard on the environment. Before long, word leaked out that California would ban the black auto. Is that really true? Well, it depends on your definition of black.

    Black Cars versus Cool Cars

    The State of California was not so busy with the housing crisis or the imploding state budget that it could not find a bit of time to pass the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. One of the stipulations was the identification and implementation of cool paints by January 1, 2010.

    Cool cars, as opposed to the standard black auto, are those which have a paint job that will reflect a good deal of sunlight to lower the heat in the interior of the vehicle when parked. As you might imagine, black cars - or any other color car - parked in the California sun double as ovens quite nicely.

    The California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 reasons that a less hot car interior translates into less likelihood by the driver to engage the air conditioner. Less AC leads to less carbon dioxide that is released into the air.

    A Call to Save the Black Auto?

    It did not take long for Rush Limbaugh - and pretty soon any news outlet around the state - to pick up on what the former termed the ban on black cars. Putting his trademark spin on the issue, he soon speaks of California not only banning black cars, but actually mandating white automobiles.

    In an effort to set the record straight, the spokesperson for the California Air Resources Board discussed what had now become known as the California black cars ban with News 10, ABC and assured viewers that there really was no plan to ban black cars. He went on to state that California had backed off the reflective paint issue until black paint can indeed be made more reflective.

    What are the Odds of the Black Auto being more Reflective?

    March 27, 2009 by
    Sylvia Cochran Sylvia Cochran
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    In short, no.

    It's not true. A committee formed by the California EPA was exploring ways to make cars more efficient, including ways to lower AC use in order to lower the resulting Carbon Dioxide emissions. They toyed with the idea of making car paints use more reflective materials. In addition to the finding that such materials would not be cost effective, the fact that jet black could NOT be able to be made more reflective caused them to DROP THE IDEA!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by run4it View Post
    Do you really still believe these mass emails that are sent around?
    You mean the millions I'm gonna make from the nephew of the former Liberian oil minister was a scam??
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