With work progressing on the Cars Sharing Main Street initiative, the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority is making its second planned adjustment to its Metro Rail service this summer.

After having its Metro Rail cars only using the inbound track bed since June 24, the NFTA has now shifted the trains to the outbound lanes. The shift is to accommodate Cars Sharing Main Street work along Main Street’s 600 block inside the Theater District as well as advance work on downtown’s 500 block of Main Street.

The service adjustment is a byproduct of the Cars Sharing Main program, which is bringing north and south-bound lanes of vehicular traffic back to the spine of the central business district.
Because of that work, the NFTA is using the opportunity to rebuild the track and track beds in the Theater District this summer. The $1.6 million project is being handled by Mark Cerrone Inc. of Niagara Falls, the same firm that is handling the 600 block work and will also be doing the same in downtown’s 500 block.