Mr. Dvoakley

Here's an axample of my agenda. Follow the correct procedures in all matters. Seems here's another case of procedures not followed?


Monday afternoon, September 8, at the Amherst Town Board work session, a gentleman representing the Amherst PTA groups asked for financial help to rebuild the playgrounds at Heritage Heights and Windermere schools. These playgrounds have been deemed unhealthy due to the wood from which they were built. He suggested the Town of Amherst could pay $40,000 a year for 5 years. The Board was not receptive to this plan or any other due to our own money shortage. We already are responsible for replacing the wood at Basset Park and other areas.
The meeting ended early due to the refusal of Supervisor Grelick to answer a question put to her by a Council member. Instead of answering she merely said, “This meeting is over”. All of the Council member’s were surprised and shocked at her abrupt reply. The question had to do with confusion over who signed off on the claim to recover $10,000 from the bankrupt Sabres organization. Apparently Supervisor Grelick hired Sportservice’s attorney to act as our Town Attorney in this transaction.
What is wrong with this is, the Supervisor must first consult with our own Town Attorney. She said that he initialed this transaction but our Town Attorney was present at this meeting and informed the Supervisor and Town Board he did not sign or initial this transaction, in fact he stated he knew nothing about it. He added that several other transactions have occurred like this.
Our Supervisor must have the Town Attorney sign off on all claims. The Attorney for The Pepsi Center, which is Sportservice, was given the authority to act as our Town Attorney by our Supervisor. This borders closely as malfeasance. The Supervisor lied about the Town Attorney signing it. She failed to even talk to him about this transaction. He learned about it from an employee at the Pepsi Center. Understandably, the Town Board wanted her to answer some questions about this transaction. She refused.

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