Hollywood magic, 150 jobs coming to Buffalo in $4.5 million Daemen project

Pay attention to the visual effects the next time youíre watching television or a movie.
It could be Spiderman swinging from building to building, or Harry Potter and his wand against other wizards.
These are the kinds of visual effects Buffalo expects to deliver for Hollywood with Thursdayís announcement that the state will spend $4.5 million of the regionís Buffalo Billion to create a new visual effects studio and train workers in the field of post production.
Empire Visual Effects, which will partner with Daemen College, projects 150 new high-tech jobs in the next five years while carving a new niche industry in Buffalo.

Empire Visual Effects will locate in the Tri-Main Center on Main Street in space occupied by Daemen.
So we are giving a business 4.5 million and from the looks of it discounted taxes?