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Thread: Free Buffalo Announced Board and Budget Projects

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    Free Buffalo Announced Board and Budget Projects


    James Ostrowski
    Free New York
    Free Buffalo
    1535 Hertel Ave.
    Buffalo, New York 14216

    Free Buffalo Announces Board and Budget Projects

    Buffalo, New York. August 16, 2005. Free Buffalo, the Buffalo area’s first independent think tank, announced that it has incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation—“Free New York, Inc.” Free Buffalo founder James Ostrowski, explained that “Free New York, Inc. will be a state-wide organization because so many of our problems begin and end in Albany. We will have chapters in each county or region with local names such as Free Buffalo and Free Niagara, our first two chapters.”

    Free Buffalo also announced that it has copies of the Erie County and Niagara County budgets and that its staff and volunteers will be reviewing them line-by-line to see what cuts can be made. Citizens interested in working on this project may call 566-7720.

    Free New York’s initial board, which is expected to expand to include directors from around the state, includes:

    • Tracy Diina, Executive Director of Literacy Volunteers of Buffalo and Erie County. She resides in Niagara County and has a masters degree in education from Geneseo. She was founder of the 21st Century Club and a Vice President of the New Millennium Group.

    • Donald G. McGrath, of Williamsville, an attorney and adjunct professor at the University at Buffalo law school. He is a member of the American Arbitration Association, the National Association of Securities Dealers, and the New York Stock Exchange.

    • James Ostrowski, a trial and appellate lawyer and author of Political Class Dismissed. He was chairman of the Human Rights Committee of the Erie County Bar Association and vice-chair of the Law Reform Committee, New York County Lawyers Association. He is a widely published author and has written numerous policy studies for thinks tanks, bar associations and scholarly journals. He resides in Buffalo.

    • Paulette Peterson, Professor of Radiologic Technology at Monroe Community College. She resides in Niagara County and has a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from the University at Buffalo. She was president and board chair of the Association of Educators in Radiologic Technology of the State of New York, Inc.

    • John Wadsworth, M.D., a psychiatrist residing in Buffalo. He is a clinical associate professor of psychiatry, University at Buffalo Medical School.

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    its quite a collection of thinkers you have there, Jim. Do any have any real business experience? Any experience with managing budgets? Politics? Anything high financial (and I dont mean selling securities)? Anything practical?

    ...Good luck with it, honestly.

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