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Local 1000 AFSCME, AFL-ClO

July 18, 2005

Susan Grelick, Town Supervisor

Town of Amherst

5583 Main Street

Williamsville, NY 14221

RE: Waste Water Treatment Plant Criminal Investigation

Wayne Gradle Letter and Buffalo News Article

Dear Susan,

I am writing this letter as I am extremely offended and frustrated that the Town of

Amherst would make accusations of our members at the Plant, stating that they are engaged in sabotage, cover-ups, and other illegal activities without having facts to back up that claim. This issue NEVER should have gone this route. I thought that CSEA and the Town had a working relationship to handle employee issues. The Town has conducted improper interrogations, and has threatened our members. This shows that the Town's attitude has changed significantly on our working relationship, and the gloves have come off, we now will be playing hardball. We have filed charges with PERB on the activities of the Town.

As you know, we are in the midst of contract negotiations. With these most recent Town actions, I find it extremely difficult to have a working relationship to settle any of our differences. It appears that the Town wants to spend time and money on legal challenges, instead of trying to reach agreements.

CSEA hereby demands that the Town of Amherst make an immediate retraction in the Buffalo News regarding this issue, and that CSEA be present with any and all

questioning of employees as requiredby law.


Thomas Finger

Labor relations Specialist


cc: Nick Paolini, CSEA President

Toni Black, CSEA Grievance Chair

Flo Tripi, CSEA Region President

Roger Sherrie, CSEA Region Director

Robert McCarthy, Personnel Director

Town Board Members