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Thread: They did it in Baltimore...

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    They did it in Baltimore...

    Just spent some time in Baltimore and admired their developed inner harbor. Thought about Buffalo and how we have similar facility. The inner harbor area houses: shops, restaurants, paddle boat rides, boat tours, water taxi, musicians, and other businesses that thrive and promote the city. The developed area is almost adjacent to Camden Yard; our waterfront is close to HSBC, Dunn Tire Park, etc... I wonder if WNY has ever used Baltimore as a possible model for our waterfront; anyone know?

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    At one time the idea of a festival marketplace (think kite and salt water taffey shops) was floated for Waterfront Village. Main Street retailers (back in the day!) protested and the city killed it. This was in the Griffin years. I'm glad they did, does anyone think it would have thrived? It would have less tenants than Main Place Mall!

    Baltimore is great- but the city is built right to the water's edge. Here we have suburban-like Waterfront Village, the I190, and the Skyway in the way. The best potential for Baltimore-like development is at the foot of Main Street.

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    Agreed, but there is also potential for the Outer Harbor and the OFW with the kind of "built to the water" plan that Baltimore has.
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