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Thread: Byron Brown & Ray McGurn Caught Playing The Same Old Tricks!

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    Byron Brown & Ray McGurn Caught Playing The Same Old Tricks!

    It started with the News article Sunday in which McGurn claimed his office’s retaliatory and thuggish actions against Harvey Garrett were “what’s right.”

    The local blogosphere picked it up. Emails were sent. Lots of phone calls were made. Thanks to Joe Golombek, a resolution was passed. And lots of questions were asked. One of those questions was why Mayoral candidate Byron Brown is accepting support from Ray McGurn in the form of a fundraiser on July 20.

    What’s happened since that last question was asked has been more than disappointing.

    This is a screenshot taken of the Erie County Democratic Party’s Calendar of Events from Sunday, July 10 (thanks to Google’s cache feature).

    Here’s a screenshot of the exact same page that was updated yesterday.

    Why the name change? Perhaps so Byron can still attend but take cover by claiming: This was not an event hosted by Ray McGurn. It was hosted by the club Goin’ South and McGurn just happened to be there.

    Don’t get it twisted and don’t let them twist it. Goin South is McGurn’s political club that he used to get support for Jimmy Griffin…and get a job. Goin South is McGurn’s political club that he used to get support for Tony Massiello…and get a job. Goin’ South is McGurn’s political club that he’s using to support Byron Brown… You get the idea.

    McGurn is a lazy, incompetent thug who represents all that’s wrong with City Hall. And as long as Byron takes his support, he’s endorsing not just the recent actions against Garrett but the entirety of McGurn’s sad and feckless tenure.

    And a name change on a website isn’t going to make this or us go away.

    Even the Mayor, who isn't running and has nothing to lose, has come out (as much as he can) against what McGurn did to Garrett--and he's McGurn's boss. Still no word or statement from Byron Brown.

    From today's Buffalo News:
    Mayor unhappy with handling of housing case

    Originally from Buffalo Rising:
    Buffalo Rising Journal

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    The Mayor's response is a good example of why he has gotten nothing done during his term in office.

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    Going So. is the democratic party club of South Buffalo. It's a majority of the committeemen who appointed two very young people into public office, passing over more qualified people who ARE involved in the community in ways that are not symbolic, but in the best interest of South Buffalo.

    Many are NOT happy with the appointments and will vote for better candidates this Sept. The signs on the lawns won't vote. The numbers will surprise many.


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    I am suprized that Goin' South would even host an event for Byron Brown.

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