I like this idea... village is thinking of taking dated and timed photos of heavy snow buildup that could lead to citations for violators.

East Aurora’s snowy sidewalks become a big problem ...

“People are still responsible for shoveling,” he said. “I think many are waiting for that little machine to come by.”


"Our elected leaders keep making excuses about not enforcing the sidewalk law, which is in place to provide a safe place for people to walk and which, if it had been enforced, might have saved the lives of four people in two separate incidents in Erie County in 2001 and 2010."

"Town officials contend that the problem is lack of staff."( so hire more family and friends) These idiots want to keep upping the taxes for BS every year every year or blame their problems due to pension costs how many years have they cried about that subject...BS and these goodballs are all in the system but dont want to enforce the codes.

COPS the perfect job for them...The employees won’t even have to get out of their cars; just witness the lawbreaking, note the address and mail the ticket. they dont like to get out of the car let them do it when driving around in SUV's. wow whats up with all the area PD's buying SUV ..
talk about wasting money...