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Thread: More than 3/4 of parks budget goes to golf courses

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    More than 3/4 of parks budget goes to golf courses

    Little known fact: even according to Sedita, over 75% of the parks budget goes to golf courses, which are quite expensive to maintain, way more expensive than mulching some trails and cutting grass

    Why not raise the golf fees to a level where they can re-open the rest of the parks?

    The courses are popular enough that there would still be plenty of business... People are NOT going to stop golfing, or join a private club in protest

    Remember, all the $$ raised from park shelter rentals would be coming in as well, in addition to revenues from county park courses...

    Keep ALL THAT $$ in the "parks dept" instead of returning it to the general fund and the re-budgeting an appropriation to the parks dept, as happens now

    that way, the parks can be fairly close to self-sustaining
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    I would rather not see our government in the business of running golf courses. There are community needs which tax payers should contribute to, golf isn't one of them.

    Parks on the other hand should be seeing they are cheap to maintain so it's a good return on "investment" if you want to refer to it as that.

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