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The most frequent bitter cop-out of them all.

A little pissy that people who are actually directly affected by those budgets go and vote for them? I'm assuming by "special interests" you mean teachers unions? I mean...how much could they possibly know about schools, right? They know nothing about running them or what is needed to improve them.

If you're right, Jim-O, convince people. Teachers make up less than 1% of the population. I think the biggest reason you haven't convinced or converted people, is that you're wrong. Tough to argue against reality, even when you do want to use your own unsourced and unsupported-by-data personal blog musings.
Why does NY spend so much? Why do we have a deficit? Do you think we can continue on our present course of action and maintain solvency,

I think Jim is just pointing out the obvious,, we spend too much, ,it's redundant, not efficient, and can be traced in my opinion as well to special interests and unions,, we unarguably spend more than any other state,,it is no longer prudent to do so.

Shelly Silver owes his career to those entities that benefit from state spending. He argues that concern for our deficit may be unnecessary. That is truly frightening.

What is not fact about the above?