Perhaps the Amherst residents on Sheridan Drive who do not want to walk in the snow and ice on that major five-lane highway to get to the proposed sidewalks to shovel finally understand how pedestrians feel. Children, the elderly and low-income families who do not own a vehicle know these fears far too well.
It is acknowledged that this situation is not convenient for the homeowners who will have to remove snow from these much-needed sidewalks. But instead of the town just passing a resolution to stop the project, why aren't officials attempting to come up with some creative solutions?

Perhaps the town could give those residents a minimal reduction in their property taxes, and those savings could be pooled to pay a contractor to clear the sidewalks on Sheridan, just like the lighting district style of pooling money. Or what about asking one of the car dealerships on Sheridan to send a mini-plow down the sidewalks and have a nice sign that says, "Sidewalks cleared courtesy of . . ."

Many Amherst residents have a contractor cut their grass and clear the snow from their driveways. This opportunity would be a great niche for some contractors who have the equipment to clear sidewalks.

Who currently maintains the stretch of grass from Frankhauser Road to Mill Street? Is it the town? If so, in addition to the mowing, can't it send the same people out to clear sidewalks?

East Amherst