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    Land idea:

    Here is my idea that has been bouncing in my head. Buy a piece of property I can afford, build a long house (not in living sense) to use as part storage, and concession stands, and office with a small over night sleep area if needed. Also, a large shed to house equipments for road / trail snow removal with a blower attached. Prefer to find an open flat land to have it sectioned off for parking for motorcycles, small campers, and tent site for possible overnight stays. Land and use restrictions would be posted if possible. This is only an idea … Do I want to make money yes, but most would be for benefits within the areas, only a small administration cost would be withheld for taxes, staff, disposal services, equipment maintenance etc.. Again just an idea …..Feasible or not …Business or non-profit…
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    I think you have to provide his and hers showers and toilets. In the country water could be a problem unless you get lucky and drill a real good well . Small two acre or bigger pond is a nice attraction. for either swimming or just letting the kids catch blue gills ponds draw people back a second time. My grandfather ran a campsite in the Tupper lake area of New York her had a cabin near the gate with a small general store and bait shop. it was a long time ago but thirty camp sites ended up not being enough to cover expenses in the sixty's he expanded to sixty sites but regulations taxes and time made him sell it. he had to chose between his full time year round job and the camp site
    if you do try a camp site remember you need management there full time. and enough customers to pay the bills. profits are never large but you can live off the site and have your own no cost resort. i always wanted to try it myself but could not find the right place when I had money to buy land got close to buying 200 acres in a valley between two large hills with a creek down the center of the valley and a pond where the valley met the railroad tracks. but some banker out bid me just when i thought I had it. Good luck
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