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Thread: New Alden web site

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    New Alden web site

    Welcome to the new Alden web site, thanks to the efforts of Bob Wohlgemuth. Although still under construction, it already presents many interesting programs.

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    Tony Fracasso - Admin
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    Hey where is he hosting it? Locally?

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    Thanks Lee for the note on the site. It is changing daily at this time so users should check frequently, and sign up for e-mail for importatnt town developments.

    Hosting with major web search engine at this time.

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    I dont have alot of time tonight to devote to this, but am interested as I heard of a group- trains and trails???? do you know it, I might be wrong in the title - I may have some land that they have been interested in for sale and want to get in contact with them, along with about 70 other acres stuff = let me know - good price for the amount of land I will be selling........

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    rails to trails

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