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Thread: 1800 Jobs

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    1800 Jobs

    I thought it was 3000 jobs? Why is it 1800 now? DO THEY EVEN KNOW how many people are employeed?

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    lol... From what WBEN was reporting, 1800 people got pink slips. But an additional 1200 are supposedly not identified as of yet. That was the extent of the explaination.....

    .....seems more likely Giambra and company wanted to release a higher number to the press in order to add presure on the 1% issue.

    The only thing that worries me is that the job cuts/loss of service issue is going to trump the real issues here in the press. The real issue is that the county expenditures are too large to be supported by our tax base. But by shifting the tone to layoffs, it's encouraging people to think of this proposition in a negative manner.

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    I heard somene say the 1800 figure today, but I thought they said that was the # that could NOT be let go as they pertain to welfare/medicaid etc , which is state/federal-mandated.
    Not sure if that's true, though

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    this is all for show. They'll hand out all the layoff notices, say they're cutting funding to the zoos, library, etc. etc. but the patronage and pork will remain. When the public goes balistic, the legislators will be forced to cave in and keep the status quo.

    Maybe this is the wake up call that the residents of Erie County need- that politics as usual is sinking WNY and now is the time for change. Maybe the merger will have a shot of passing. Now if we can only merge and dispose of the dead wood.

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