Don't ever let a good idea get in the way of a government union.

It's not about what the citizens need. It's what the members of a government-mandated monopoly want. And if you don't like it, they get to steal 'your' property from you. Legally. Closet socialists, the lot of them. Maybe we should sue the city of Charlotte, NC to pay our taxes. What the hell.

Most of our school taxes paid to educate their residents anyway. And with self-absorbed leeches like these sucking the stone, that ain't gonna change anytime soon, is it? Don't expect these bastards to make this widely known at your next budget vote.

Linda_D, comments are welcome. But I'm not gonna hold my breath waiting.


ALBANY -- The New York State United Teachers Union is withholding its endorsements of 38 senators who crossed the politically potent union last week by approving a cap on annual growth rates on property taxes.

The move by the union's board this afternoon is meant as a signal to both houses and Gov. David Paterson just days before the Legislature is coming back to Albany to possibly try to settle the tax cap issue.

"This underscores the seriousness we believe for the harm it would do to our salaries and benefits children in public schools," said Carl Korn, a spokesman for the union.

The NYSUT endorsement is one of the most sought-after by Albany's politicians. Besides a statement by a union representing several hundred thousand public employees, a NYSUT endorsement opens up campaign cash, polling help, and foot soldiers for candidates on election day.

The move by NYSUT Wednesday affects all the Republican members of the Senate, including senators Dale Volker, George Maziarz and Cathy Young of Western New York. The union is also withholding an endorsement for Sen. William Stachowski, a Buffalo Democrat.

The NYSUT decision also came as groups are stepping up campaigns against the Paterson plan, which calls for holding annual property tax increases at 4 percent or 120 percent of the inflation rate, whichever is lower.

The Working Families Party and the Alliance for Quality Education announced Tuesday a $1.5 million television ad campaign timed to try to halt any action on the tax cap when the Legislature returns next week for a special session. The Assembly Democratic leadership, however, has already said it is not interested in the cap unless there are promises for future education aid hikes from Albany to cover any loss of property tax revenues.

The Working Families Party also said Wednesday it is sending out 200,000 direct mail to homes in Westchester County and Long Island to block any action next week in the Assembly on the tax cap.