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Thread: Lackawanna Corruption

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    Post Yes, this IS really low!

    Quote Originally Posted by bluethunder View Post
    As a registered Independent I recieved a letter yesterday from Dennis Koziol saying to vote for John Gorman. It says that Jon Gorman recieved the local endorsement (which isn't true) and was overuled by the state. I am sick and tired of this no good clown Koziol lying about endorsements etc. etc.. Reality is that this flip flopper switched his party to Conservative several weeks ago along with his posse to take over that party eventually after Billy Delmont is done. So why is he saying he's the Independence Chairman? He's nothing! All endorsements come from the state committee due to corruption and infilitration in the local committee by the local democrats and those loyal to them under Len Linehan. Which means since Koziol is backing Gorman he was/is one of the corrupted people in that party. Furthermore Koziol is looking for a water authority job for his kid. Fran Warthling's term is up next and I would say Good Ol' Fran is trying to save his job so he has his pal Koziol do his dirty work for him. If this city really wants to do in the Democratic Machine vote for anyone other than Gorman as Warthling's power will diminish and hopefully he will be gone! This is like Andrea Haxton says "POLITRICKS" as it finest. This is low really low.
    I knew of Dennis Koziol when my Nik was at Franklin.......I don't know if his title was a custodian or a maintenance guy. I just remember him watching everybody and everything, he would just appear......he had a cake job there.
    Then he went to the Junior/Senior High to work and I would see him peeking out of the room across the hall when the School Board meetings were going on, listening--watching.

    When I ran in 2005 I applied to the Independent Party so we went for coffee at Apollo's and he interviewed me for their endorsement. We had a pleasant conversation and toward the end he told me right out.........., " if it was up to me you are the best candidate and would get the endorsement because you are up on all the issues, but it is NOT up to me to decide who gets the endorsement ".........HE WAS THE PARTY CHAIR! I know it goes back to committee, BUT,...........
    We should all become " UNAFFILIATED " that would fix them all!

    Wimpy and a political pimp was the impression I got of him that day. He was all fired up a few years back about the school something or other but he wimped out again!
    Vying for the Conservative Chair.........he should be sent off to a rocking chair! And the people in the Conservative Party should run to find, then back a person without all the political baggage this flip-flopper has! How about a woman Chair....has Lackawanna ever had a woman Chair a political party?
    I have heard through the years that he liked to throw his self-appointed power around in the schools and bullied some of the lady cleaners. Shame on the wimp! I wonder how many grievances he caused the schools?

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    Post History.........Does Anyone Care?

    I just found my old "Map and Guide to the City of.....Lackawanna" published by Good Beginnings in Rochester in cooperation with the LA Chamber of Commerce---1982.
    The title is:
    "Looking forward to its future with pride in its past!"

    "Lots Of Things To Do And See"

    "There's always plenty to do and see in the "Big City", but Lackawanna offers visitors and residents a full schedule of entertainment opportunities at home too!"
    "Twenty playgrounds, six of which include tennis courts and instruction, and Parochial School gymnasiums provide facilities for a wide range of activities sponsored by the Recreation Department. Sports programs include winter and summer basketball highlighted by a hoop shooting contest, seminars for soccer participants. Inter-city bocce tournament's and trips are available throughout the winter season. Aerobic classes, arts and crafts and bussing for various field trips round out the schedule".
    "Special programs for over 900 seniors.....
    "Each year kiddies search for hidden treasures during the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Fireworks complete the 4th of July celebrations, complete with a parade, and during August the City of Lackawanna sponsors a special day of singing , dancing, and fireworks when friends and neighbors join together in community recreation."
    "Cultural entertainment is provided by Lackawanna's community theater groups. Open air art shows and ethnic displays are always popular with visitors and residents."
    "Yes there are things to see and do in Lackawanna, whether its a backyard BBQ, sometime at the beach or a community celebration. We invite you to join us and see for yourself why so many happy people call Lackawanna home."

    Other Subtitle Topics:

    "Looking Forward To The Future With Victoria Square"
    "A Proud Heritage"
    "An Ideal Setting"
    "Play Ball"

    = 29 years later.................Are WE Happy People?

    I will gladly share this with anyone, it is a hoot! BTW: When I was in City Hall I asked if we could get the Lackawanna Historical Society (yes there are some real troopers who meet to keep this alive) to redo the locked cabinents in the lobby of the City Hall change-ups quarterly or so......... I was flatly denied by the Mayor and Council President!

    The same with my 1936 edition of a Lackawanna Leader aka The Front Page, I will gladly share it.
    I would have fought someone till next week if I did not see it with my own was election time and there is an ad describing the polling places for the Political Parties in Lackawanna, N.Y.
    The parties listed are:

    And who do you think the offspring of those members are.........!!!!!

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    Post I tried to put this on the other thread but it was closed......

    QUOTE=Dan12;816007]Blue this will be my last statement to you . If you see a piece of dog crap do you call it a flower, if it is raining do you say it is sunny so why when I see an idiot I shouldnt say so. If some is going to post a stupid statement then call it a stupid statement. Some people can hear something and not know what they just heard and whats worse is up here people see something and cant understand what they just seen ![/QUOTE]

    What are you the, SpeakUp-Nazi? Telling US that WE don't understand when we don't even know or really care what personal vendetta you have for someone?!? Many of us don't know who you are.
    Whatever bee bit YOUR bonnet .......we are on a different page than you, and are not on here for that; this is supposed to be an informational POLITICAL Forum. To keep up on the people, places, and things that relate to the betterment of Lackawanna. How are you trying to better Lackawanna with your personal issue ****-on blocking your view?

    The Golden Rule in World Religions

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    Christianity All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye ...
    Confucianism Do not do to others what you would not like yourself. Then ...
    Buddhism Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful. Udana ...

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    Council President Race

    Word is that Makeyenko's honeymoon with Polanski and Szymanski is now over. Polanski wouldn't give Makeyenko the promotion that he wanted in Lackawanna Municipal Housing and also refused his request for a position in the Authority for Lisa Friend's son. typical Makeyenko fashion, he throws another candidate into the Council President race to upset the proverbial apple cart.
    Sue Staniszewski is now seeking Democratic Party support for the position of Council President. Sue is the wife of John's best friend and school district employee Dave Staniszewski. Sue is also an employee of the school district. Makeyenko out to control both the schools and the city or is this just a bluff to get the jobs he desires?
    Will Norm and Geoff stand their ground with Makeyenko...or will they buckle under pressure and concede to his demands for more patronage jobs??

    funny how things work in this city,,,,, Where does "the son work now"?????????

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    What Watkins looks like and really is are 2 very different things.........ask around......

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    Post Easy to say nasty things when you hide behind a fake name on here......

    Quote Originally Posted by Change2011 View Post
    What Watkins looks like and really is are 2 very different things.........ask around......
    I have been thinking about your rantings Change 2011.......
    Too many of you people keep going off half cocked about some nonsense and spew lies to defame and harass a persons' character. What kind of an accusation is that, " What Watkins looks like and really is are 2 different things" . I have been around too long to listen to and put up with the junior-high mentality of political soldiers like YOU who like to stir the pot by putting out lies.
    Put Up or SHUT-UP about what you are saying. I post facts, most of us do....this is a POLITICAL FORUM to discuss Lackawanna politics.

    Ask around?
    You know what, big boy/girl.......why don't YOU ask him to his face instead of making accusations on here, I know he will gladly spend some time with you; and then be man/woman enough to print your answers in The Front Page paper?!? " Put your big boy/girl panties on and deal with it! "
    Tag! You're it! YOU started this.

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    Cool Off of Dion Watkins' Facebook this morning.....

    " Dion Watkins:
    Don't allow anyone to steal your joy. It's time to grow up and stop allowing people to "rent" space in our heads. Life is too short to waste time worrying about who likes you or who doesn't. Your blessings are NOT predicated on who likes you or who doesn't, they're based on what God wants to have. So be encouraged and keep it moving! "

    Now CHANGE THAT, 2011!

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