Here is another indication of how far the Erie County DA's Office has gone astray under DA Frank J Clark.

Now County Comptroller Poloncarz has implemented a "Fraud, Waste and Abuse" hotline, close on the heels of City Comptroller SanFilippo, who recently did the same thing . . beating out Mayor Byron Brown, who also wanted the same mechanism in his office.

Why is nobody asking why the County District Attorney, already mandated to investigate & prosecute "public corruption & white colar crime" is off the hook?

Is public corruption a 'growth industry' in WNY?

What do the three candidates for DA have to say about adding new layers of government on top of an already swollen WNY government?

New Ways to Let You Report County Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Posted by: Maria Sisti Date last updated: 7/15/2008 11:40:26 AM

Comptroller Mark Poloncarz Tuesday announced setting up phone and e-mail tiplines to report possible waste, fraud or abuse in Erie County government.

John Q. Public is being asked to join in the battle against wrongdoing in Erie County.

Comptroller Mark Poloncarz Tuesday announced that phone and e-mail tiplines will be available for anyone to report potential waste, fraud or abuse in county government.

Poloncarz says his office investigates every single report and encouraged anyone with knowledge of any wrongdoing to report it through the new tiplines. County employees and county contractors are also encouraged to make reports.

The telephone tipline number is (716)858-7722. The e-mail address is

The comptroller also called on Erie County Executive Chris Collins to establish and help enforce a new Whistleblower Complaint and Protection Policy in the County's official Personnel Policies and Procedures.

"For my part, as the County's independent watchdog, my office will continue to investigate every allegation and pursue any party that engages in wrongdoing against the County," said Poloncarz.