Drive thruogh Williamsville around 4:30PM on a week day. With traffic backing up. People CONSTANTLY block the side streets between Youngs road, and the thruway. Earlier this week, I was on my way home, sitting in traffic, and next to me is an Amherst cop. the cars in his lane continued, and ended up blocking Reist. I stopped and refused to pull up. Left enough room for a car to get out. And yet the dinglebarry behind me beeps at me. And yet, the Amherst cop next to me, let 2 people get away with blocking the side street~! Something needs to be done about these people and blocking side streets on Main St. If there is a medical emergency, and emergency services need to get through, they cant cause people are illegally blocking the side roads. And theres no excuse for it. If you say you didnt 'realise it' then your not paying attention and should be removed from the roadways.