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    Boston Highway Superintendent

    After the dust settled, it looks like current Highway Superintendent Bob Telaak will enjoy all 5 lines in this years election. Bob won the Republican, Democratic, Conservative, and Working Families lines in the primary.
    He also was endorsed by the Independence Party.

    Go figure, he has lowered the highway debt from $823,000 in 2005 to $0 in 2011.

    Not bad.

    Congratulations, Bob.
    I never said I had no idea about most of the things you said I said I had no idea about.

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    How very interesting. Interesting that 242 people have viewed this blog (or, 10 people 24.2 times each), yet no one has anything to say.

    I suppose the “powers that be” have stifled all of your free speech.

    That is pretty funny to me. I like my Constitutional Amendments in order.

    The only Amendment to me that is more important than the 2nd Amendment is the

    First Amendment............Freedom of Speech.

    You folks should try it some time. It makes participation in your own government kind of fun!!

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    Here we go again.......the Jay show. There is nobody bickering or arguing, all is quiet and peacefull in the town of boston and on this site, someone makes a post of congratulations and because nobody replies, it becomes a freedom of speech and "powers that be" keeping everyone quiet......seriously??? How about this to satisfy you, i'll start, congratulations Bob! Now 241 other people can reply with the same or against to satisfy Mr. Boardway so this thread can grow as long as his ego.

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    Go figure, he has lowered the highway debt from $823,000 in 2005 to $0 in 2011.
    Well that's pretty cool... so the budget didn't climb and debt was paid off?

    That's pretty good compared to what happens some towns..

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    Awwwww, Slits......Thanks!!! You make my heart smile!

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    To WNYresident, the answer is yes. OUR highway superintendant tore through all that debt by a resourceful use of his man power and the utilizing of the equipment he had on hand. He has re-balanced the entire department and knew he could not sleep at night after inheriting that kind of debt. It took 6 years, but the debt is erased, all the equipment is running, safely and top notch, and there are reserve funds in place now for future replacement items.

    What people do not realize sometimes is that a plow truck is not just a "big Chevy" with a plow blade. These trucks cost upwards of 200,000 dollars once you add the salt spreader and the blade.

    Above all, Bob did not stand up at a Town Board meeting and call his employee’s useless. In fact, he values each and every one of them. They are valuable assets to our Town.

    The opposition should have read the minutes before they chose a candidate. A highway Superintendant taking ALL 5 lines and running UN-OPPOSED is almost unheard of in Boston.

    The party Chairman should be embarrassed with themselves.

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    That is pretty embarassing for the opposition. Great job by the Highway Superintendent!

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