Here is a post that a friend of mine sent to me off another site very interesting on WC.

How Much Longer Do I Have To Suffer Under NYS Workers' Comp. System?


Hi Everyone! I am new here but not to the Workers Comp system. I have been on it since 2001 when my back blew out! I hate it and when you have a family to raise and your only getting 44.68% of what you made when you could work tells me something is very wrong here! Agree? I am actually here to get a few opinions from ones who have been through the whole process. I probably do not have enough space to write everything so I will try and get to the points. In 2001 I hurt my back a then in 2003 I was terminated from my job because I got hurt on the job in 2001 (this was covered up nicely by my employer and union) In 2003 the Insurance Company told me I had to have back surgery or I will not get paid! So I did and now I am screwed for life because it went bad! I have 5 neurosurgeons plus my chiropractor and PCP and they all say I have a Total Perm. Disability but the last IME doctor the Insurance Company sent me to says I have a Perm. Partial Disability with a marked degree. This quack has lost his license to practice in his home state and has been fined in NYS by the Board of Health and is not suppose to come in contact with his patients! He was late when sending the IME reports to the board and myself! So I just recently went to my last hearing in which I am going to appeal because my Attorney and the Insurance Company figured it is in my best interest to get life time payments with medical and agreed that I have a PPD . What the heck is this? I never had a chance to think it over or even seen this coming! I had walked in and in 5 minutes she has me sign this form and boom it was over. What upsets me is I had told her I want to settle and I told my attorney this in 2004 and she stated I had to wait 2 years and that came and went and I told her again in 2007 and she said it is up to the Insurance Company. I since have done some checking and found out that I could have settled for a lump sum payment. I want to be done with this Insurance Company I am so tired of them running my life and having to have everything approved! It sucks! The way I see it these people owe me big time after robbing me of my life and taking away all the things a normal father should be able to do with his son that I cannot! I had told my attorney I would rather have something to show for it then to have these payments for life and keep living in poverty and having nothing to show for it but pain and being depressed! So my questions I am asking is do you feel I am being screwed by my attorney and the Insurance Company? If so what do I do about it? I just want this over.