Will Mr. Wrona change his tune with respect to his postings on the WNY Progressive Democrats blog once the Supervisor becomes a Democrat? Here is Wrona's latest post complaining about Satish:

Amherst, NY: home of permanent Republican government

Well, when you are a manipulative politician for all your career you remain a manipulative politician. Barry Weinstein, Republican spendaholic veteran of the County Legislator, is up to his old tricks with an attempted money and power grab

He has a proposal before the Town Board which will have the support of the Republican Supervisor Satish Mohan, and the three Republican Town Board members to reduce the size of the Amherst Town Board by two seats. What is the proposal? It calls for eliminating two of the six Town Board seats Jan. 1, 2010. That means come election time in Nov. 2009 two Democrats and one Republican would be competing for election to one seat. The Democratic vote would be split and the Republican wins. The next election, two years later, will be for remaining three board seats, two of which are held by Republicans. His plan is to maintain a Republican controlled Town government through making races more expensive and eliminating the competition.

For 98 of the past 100 years they have controlled the town government. Amherst has become an expensive community to live in. It has become expensive because the Republicans have made it expensive. The only people who regularly benefit are the Republican developers and their political supporters who have built homes on swamp land then run away when the homes sank, built new commercial development which lead to vacant commercial eyesores elsewhere in town, and caused the town and full fare taxpaying residents to struggle with congested roads, high taxes, out of line tax assessments, and generally deteriorating lifestyle because of favorable property tax exemptions for unnecessary development.

Weinstein and the Republicans all have a sense of entitlement to run this town for benefit of their moneyed supporters and will do everything in their power to maintain their control of the town. He and they care little for the people not of their socio-economic class. Do you realize that there are 3 Democrat on the Board? Its not like it is 7-0 Republicans. And shortly it will be 4-3 Democrats. Nothing will change Mike. The Dems are bought and paid for in Amherst just like the Republicans. Look at Buffalo, Lackawanna, Cheektowaga... all Democratic Boards for decades and nothing good has come from that. So dont act like it only happens in Amherst or that it only happens with Republicans in charge.

If Barry and the remaining Republican Town Board club were really interested in reform they would have proposed a reduction of the Board to four seats based on Board Districts rather than expensive for the common folk to run in town wide elections. But, that won't happen. By leaving the board seats up for town wide elections, it becomes a race dictated by money. Something the wealthy of the town toss to the Republican candidates like beads at the Mardi Gras. Some of these Republican candidates have raised as much a $60,000 for a town board campaign. That is obscene. Few, if any, towns run Board seats based on districts. They are town wide votes so that everyone has a say in who represents them on the board. Run as slates, it cuts down on the costs.

So Barry, if you want to reform government why don't you truly reform it and take the Republican developer money machine out of the picture and actually give the residents of town a voice in their community.

After all, your way has seen the town boom under the guise of holding taxes and spending down when in reality it has done the opposite. I know that is good for your developer friends, but, not so much for the remaining 115,990 residents.


I think it is hilarious that the people who complain the most about the Town Government also complain when there is a plan to reduce the Town Board from 6 to 4, like the Town of Tonawanda did recently. The best candidates will win election, regardless of how many Republicans or Democrats run in 2009 and 2011. Sounds like a fair plan. Its not like they are reducing the board by 2 seats, its not a partisan issue, do you really need 6 Board members? I think Cheektowaga should reduce to 4 members as well.

Will Wrona complain about career politician Dan Ward, who is constantly re-elected to Amherst Town Board, and hasnt effected much change, but who constantly runs for other offices in an attempt to move up the political ladder? No. The good news is that people outside of Amherst do not like the Ward family political machine. He will lose a primary to his sister-in-law Michelle Iannello.

Your whole blame Weinstein seems to be just sour grapes because you couldnt beat him in an election. Why dont you run against him for Town Board instead of your constant nagging? I am no Schratz or Weinstein supporter by any means, but it appears that you are still upset over your loss.