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Thread: Nothing Nefarious Here. Move Along...

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    Nothing Nefarious Here. Move Along...

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. No one is entitled to their own facts.

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    Good Ol Mindlesscrimes.
    Always good for a morning lolz.

    Will you be sourcing "The Onion" for your next thread?
    Hillary will NEVER be President
    Obama is a FORMER President
    Joe Biden is in Scranton eating paste.

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    Many conservatives still don't understand that Colbert is mocking them. They sit around nodding their heads, the same way they did at Archie Bunker's spewing, not realizing Archie was the clown in that series.

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    Many liberals still don't understand that working americans reject their brand of stupidity, and that coddling unions and minorities for votes has run it's course. Of course the net takers in society will continue to vote for those that want to give away other people's money. What you fools have to ask yourselves is at what point will the doers not have enough to give the takers? And then what do we do? Oh wait, it looks like Obama has almost gotten us there...

    Hope and change, suckers!

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    He that lives upon hope will die fasting.

    Benjamin Franklin

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