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Sylvan, wait a minute here.....

I have no problem with seeing justice done to the perpetrator, but putting blame on the mother who, in the story, just put her baby in his care. As of now, or as the story goes, we don't know if he is the father. Now that they are brought to our attention. Let child services look to see if maybe they have other children, and if they do, and they are on state aid, then I can see sterilization.

A strange twist just occured to me. If he is the father, and they do have other children, and she won't take precautionary methods to becoming pregnant, and he is some looser without a job or has a job but can't afford to support whatever they have (maybe even with some aid) and he just snapped. (and I know this is no excuse to let him off the hook) then YES, I would also hold the mother accountable.
Add this from the article:

"Timothy Green, Amherst Asst. Police Chief: "The baby's legs were injured probably around December 19th. The child would have been a week old and then the arm injury occurred yesterday and I think the child was about three-weeks-old yesterday."

December 19th - two weeks prior to the mother's noticing something was wrong, her baby injured, legs are easy to see injuries - especially since a newborn should be diapered MANY times in one day - washed, bathed, held.

It took her two weeks and an additional injury to see something was wrong?

No, the mother is also responsible and needs major counseling and rehabilitation so she doesn't hook up with another abuser. If he does this to a baby, he propbably treats her the same.

As for him - this is where my faith and I come to a crossroads. I find it particularly hard to have compassion for a monster like this. The only thing I can surge up is the fact that he was probably abused as a child. I only wish people could recognize that mimicking an abuser from their childhood is not right, healthy, legal or even human.

As far as the State goes. Try calling Child Protection Services and wait for some evidence that tihngs are getting better. Every state, county or city department that has dealt with health, mental health, benefits or housing seems to be lacking staff. The departments we need more than ever to rebuild our communities are short-staffed....with billions going to the Middle East to fight a war.

Ironic, isn't it? The only thing we have to fear is...........

............those who make decisions that use our taxes - going forward to keep our shores safe - while we kill one another within our own borders.

Oooops, excuse the head rush there. Crap like this just gets me seething........couldn't help myself..........many apologies for going wa-a-a-y off-track.

But, if you think about it...............