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I worked there for 10 yrs. 5 in A yard , 3-11. Had the flats, 7-12 Companies. It happened more often than people know. At the School, Law Library, Metal shop. It happened. They mended themselves in their cells. Just because they weren't brought to the hospital didn't mean it didn't happen. Guys get pounded in Protection. There were a lot of sex offenders. I remember Ch 7 did a story and sent a letter to every sex offender in the block. It was hilarious. They thought housing them all in the same dorm at Gowanda would stop any beatings, what they didn't think of was the cons knew that was the sex offender dorm and when they went to the gym, yard or mess hall, everyone knew they were rapo's. There isn't much that can be done about it, jail is a violent place.
Now they're all at Wende.