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Thread: Welcome to Lancaster NY-18 million gallons of water sent downstream.

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    Lightbulb Welcome to Lancaster NY-18 million gallons of water sent downstream.

    Click on the link below - it shows how and where over 18 million gallons of water are pumped into Ellicott Creek in Lancaster. Regardless of weather conditions - the pumps are running - much like the sump pumps all over Lancaster these days.

    Click on the blue icons(tacks) on the map - to enlarge each area.
    Lancaster's Town Boards approved it - they know what its causing down stream and they don't care.

    If you live down stream of Lancaster - near Ellicott Creek - chances are you have or have had - ground water problems or flooded yards and basement! If you have to or have been told to buy flood insurance - it could be a direct result of 18 million+ gallons a year being pumped into the Creek from Lancaster.
    Not mother nature!

    #Dems play musical chairs + patronage and nepotism = entitlement !

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    I'm just trying to get a picture of what's going on here.

    The 18 million gallons. Is that yearly? Where does that statistic come from?

    The water is in the quarry? They pump it into the creek? Where does the water in the quarry come from? (Underground springs? Does it leech in from the creek?, or somewhere else?)

    If the water comes from an underground spring, has anyone studied the affect of removing it on the aquafer?

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    Wink Welcome to Lancaster NY - Where our water is shared with those down stream !

    When the permit was issued - by approval and Town Board vote - the 18 million gallon figure was estimated in their request(Buffalo Crushed Stone).

    The stone quarry east of Pavement also has a water dumping permit - issued by and voted on by Lancaster's Town Board.

    One can assume the water must be mainly from under ground springs . Its also water thats used to wash the crushed stone during processing . I have never heard of a study being done on content of the water being pumped out or the affect to the aquifer(*).

    The immediate affect of the extra water can be seen in the land surrounding the dumping area's/properties along Genesee Rd. Theres about one hundred acres or more usually flooded. Yards flood and even a satellite photo shows that Ellicott Creek seems wider once it passes west of Stony Rd heading to wards Amherst and Williamsville.

    Look at the lazy flow on Stony at the bridge - then drive to the bridges on Genesee and the one near the Bowmansville Fire Hall. Compared to Stony - Bowmansville looks like white water rapids.

    The 18 million gallons (yearly) figure is conservative - especially when you add in the Pavement road quarry's piped in water. A freedom of information request should produce the full estimated figures given to the Town Board . Permit issued to Buffalo Crushed Stone .

    Aquifer : From Wikipedia
    An aquifer is an underground layer of water-bearing permeable rock or unconsolidated materials (gravel, sand, silt, or clay) from which groundwater can be usefully extracted using a water well. The study of water flow in aquifers and the characterization of aquifers is called hydrogeology. Related terms include: an aquitard, which is an impermeable layer along an aquifer, and an aquiclude (or aquifuge), which is a solid, impermeable area beneath an aquifer.

    #Dems play musical chairs + patronage and nepotism = entitlement !

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    Is there someway to view, or take pictures of the properties along Genesee Street?

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