Good thing the Lancaster Town Board is running mainly unopposed this year. Mr.Giza and friends aren't getting the warm welcome they used to. The residents are finding out just how much being "abandoned " by Lancaster Town Board hurts.

Now that the Lancaster Boys cant use things for free anymore - they haven't offered a dime to fix the ice rink or Parks - like they used to.

Supervisor Giza's new phrase or standard response is - when Bobby Kuz was there - he helped us - we helped him = working mans translation - Bobby let us use stuff Depew's tax payers paid for - Lancaster Built many new homes - all around but outside of Depew and now we don't like or need your new Independent Village Board members.

Bob that ain't the way neighbors should be. Don't you actually enjoy Depew's lower tax rate on your home in Lancaster ? SLICK !

But what the heck - don't worry you will still get your 10% votes needed - maybe - maybe not !