well. . . no.

The strange case of Idaho Republican Sen. Larry Craig is about to take another interesting turn. Craig is getting support today from what many might consider to be an unlikely ally the American Civil Liberties Union.

Craig was arrested in a men's restroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport in June and pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct last month.

"We believe the sting operation used to apprehend Mr. Craig was unconstitutional. The statute the government is relying upon makes it a crime to use certain offensive words," said Anthony Romero, the executive director of the ACLU.

Police say Craig solicited sex from a police officer by tapping his foot and waving his hand under the stall divider. The arresting officer also says Craig peeked into his stall.
. . .But the ACLU says it doesn't matter whether he solicited sex because that's not a crime.

"It is a crime to have sex in public. It is not a crime to propose or solicit sex in public, whether it's in a bar or in a bathroom," Romero said.
i personally thought the "crime" was kinda dubious from the outset and the countries only real constitutional advocate, seems to agree (even if the guy is a raging hypocrite).