BUFFALO, NY – “As the 2024 Legislative Session ends, the concerns of Erie County families have once again been ignored by the New York City politicians who control Albany. Erie County Democrats like Sean Ryan, Monica Wallace, Pat Burke, and Karen McMahon talk a big game at home, but behind closed doors in Albany, they fall in line with the far-left Democrats who are making life in our community unaffordable and less safe.

Instead of addressing the top concerns of Erie County residents, Albany Democrats passed legislation that will increase grocery bills and utility costs for struggling Western New York families. They approved bills that will further restrict the freedoms of law-abiding New Yorkers while making our state more accommodating to criminals. And they failed to take action to end the migrant crisis and force New York City to honor its financial commitment to Erie County.

As our Erie County Democratic State delegation returns from Albany, they will send mailings and hold press conferences touting their commitment to affordability and public safety — don’t be fooled. The truth is they are in lockstep with the Albany politicians who are destroying our state.

That is why we need to elect leaders who genuinely share our community's values. Our Republican officials and candidates are truly committed to fighting to make life more affordable, ensuring the safety of Western New York, and advancing the priorities of Erie County taxpayers in Albany.”