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State surcharges are an unjust add-on


Recently, I was reminded of the phrase "turnabout is fair play." I had the displeasure to run afoul of the New York State revenue enhancement squad, a.k.a. the roving State Police blitz seat belt and cell phone enforcement roadblock patrols.
It is galling to have them pass laws of questionable merit, and then exempt various state employees from those same law. For example, police are exempt from having to wear seat belts. Talking on a hand-held cell phone is outlawed, but talking on a CB radio, eating food, or reading a newspaper while driving is OK.

Each new petty law enacted is just an excuse to extort more money from us.

Most disturbing however, is New York state's policy to squeeze millions of dollars from taxpayers for their free spending ways by tacking on mandatory state surcharges to the fines already on the books for traffic violations. For example, a $50.00 seat belt fines carries a $55.00 state surcharge!

Apparently, state-imposed surcharges are a cost of doing business if you live and work in New York.

Al Miller

Orchard Park

The full Story in the Buffalo News