Stop in at The Poked Yolk in West Seneca and you'll find a busy staff proudly serving a restaurant full of happy customers.
"The food is excellent, absolutely excellent," said Linda Smith of Cheektowaga. "I like how it's small, like a little community, and they also have great food," added Bella Claczyk.
So what makes The Poked Yolk so popular?
"Quick breakfast, quick lunch, and cheap prices," said Joshua Kiesznowski, the manager of The Poked Yolk on Transit Road, one of the restaurant's three locations in Western New York, adding its breakfast classics like Corned Beef Hash and Eggs Benedict that keep folks coming back for more.
But even a restaurant as successful as The Polked Yolk has its challenges.
"It's very hard not only to gain but keep employees in the restaurant business," said Kiesznowski, "It's hard work and it's hot. There's a lot of physical demands,"
And that's why Josh and his team have been watching the situation at Red Lobster very closely this week. The national chain has closed its four Western New York locations leaving customers and employees in the dark.
WATCH: This happened very abruptly: WNY Red Lobster locations close, Amherst location up for auction
This happened very abruptly: WNY Red Lobster locations close, Amherst location up for auction"It's very unfortunate what happened with the Red Lobster situation, but we'd like to capitalize on it," said Kiesznowski.
So The Poked Yolk took to social media in hopes of recruiting now-former Red Lobster employees encouraging them to apply for a variety of openings.
"Everything from dishwasher to manager," said Kiesznowski.
Kiesznowski says The Poked Yolk is looking for around five new employees right now, with the potential for more as the restaurant looks to expand.
"Say you become a cook, a server, even a manager, there is always room to grow," said Kiesznowski, "we have a great team, everyone has a smile on their face."
The Poked Yolk is only open until 2:30 in the afternoon so one of the benefits of working at the restaurant is that employees have evenings off.
So if you are looking for a new employment opportunity the friendly folks at The Poked Yolk are ready to welcome you with open arms.
"Come on down," said Kiesznowski, "Enjoy putting out a quality product, and enjoy not having to work nights anymore,"