Two years ago, Kimberly Coreys daughter Samantha was diagnosed with a rare cancer and given a slim chance of survival.
There was always a, Do you want to keep doing treatment? She always said, Yes, I do, said Corey. I want to fight more, more and more.
Samantha lost her fight a few months ago during her senior year at Utah's American Fork High School.
We always just kind of hoped, and she just really wanted to finish out high school, said Corey. It was kind of important to her.
Samanthas siblings were planning to don their sisters cap and gown and accept the diploma on her behalf at graduation next week, but the Alpine School District told Corey that wasnt allowed.
It wasn't like we were wanting special treatment for her, she said. I just think we didn't want her to be deleted out of it, so it felt like, this is how it was supposed to be, and then they deleted her name and took it.
Rich Stowell with the Alpine School District sent the following statement to Scripps News Salt Lake City:
"As students across Alpine School District celebrate graduation from high school, we are mindful that some students tragically pass before they and their families get to experience that milestone. "Plans for graduation ceremonies are guided by district policy. Decisions about specific plans reflect our sincere desire to appropriately balance the need to remember those who have passed and the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishment of all graduates. We realize that not allowing for certain types of memorials during graduation ceremonies may cause additional pain for those closest to students who have passed. Our school administrators have the difficult responsibility of leading with compassion and empathy to help their school community process loss within the guidelines of policy."Our hearts go out to the family of any student who passes away and recognize that a student death impacts our entire school community in complex ways. As we celebrate the accomplishments of our graduating students this Spring, we are also reminded of the significance of each life.American Fork Mayor Brad Frost will have Samanthas name read at the City Council meeting on May 28 so community members can have a small ceremony for her, Corey said.
You have this entire school and graduating class of kiddos that have been with her for years and watched her decline and supported her and loved her and have been mourning along with us," she said.
This story was originally published by Jenna Bree at Scripps News Salt Lake City.