Will the next congressional election in Erie County be another complete failure to deliver his own county's republican vote by Ralph Mohr?

His candidate in the last congressional election was clobbered here in Erie county.

It looks like the typical Mohr method of we keep one, you keep one is in play again in Erie County. Langworthy gets no real opposition from the Dems last time out, Kennedy gets no real threat from the county republicans this time.

The Mohr/Cracker team is the same as the Mohr/Langworthy team was. Horse trading is their way of doing business and it keeps both dems and reps in the same bed

It's the same old way of sidestepping the peoples role in a true election process. Either Mohr crony, an appointed Dickson or a selected Marecki, have little or no chance against Kennedy. Wheeling and dealing as always with no regard to the electorate, Mr. Mohr has once again taken care of his own security and power. Until the BOE is run for the people and not for the benefit of career politicians and their donors and supporters, the people WILL be kept out of the loop.