King of the County

I read with interest today an article in the Buffalo Snooze written by Jonathan D Epstein.

In it the author mentions the IDA boards of Lancaster and Clarence and also the ECIDA of which King Poloncarz rules over with his usual iron fist. The King of the County has never come off the throne the Governor gave him during the Covid fear mongering she promoted.

The King doesn't do so well in either Lancaster or Clarence. He is regularly called out from any crowd assembled for the 4th of July or other such public outings in these two places.

The King not only took a shot at the Lancaster IDA board, but also at two local developers, Mr. Lucas James and Mr. Tom Sweeney. I wonder what Lancaster Village Mayor Ruda is thinking after reading that article?

I wouldn't be too worried that the King has ANY sway with the LIDA as he is definitely not a favored son of theirs. I would be worried though now with that Buffalo Snooze release which may have timed by the King to send a message that the money tree has ended from LIDA for Mr. Sweeney's Glassco company. But not because the King had anything to do with it. Lancaster is NOT Poloncarz country.

A well known dem who attending a birthday party for the Party Chairman said The King arrived and came through the door and immediately caused a ruckus and got aggressive with another person as he DEMANDED his brother's employer promote that same brother at a County office building and got away with it when nobody called him out.This information comes directly from the mouths of disheartened democrats.

A message directly to The King.......Lancaster is Republican through and through now. In the VOL change is coming soon. In the TOL it has already happened.

Ruda has had a couple of pretty bad weeks in office. It's not going to get any better for her! Mr. Schroeder are you ready for this?