Investigators in Chautauqua County have called for the public's help to solve a cold case.
In a Facebook post, Unsolved Chautauqua asked to hear from people who commented on certain websites, between 2005 and 2009 about Yolanda Bindics.
The young mother was last seen in Jamestown, in 2004.
Her remains were found two years later.
Investigators are asking people who used or where people discussed the case at the time on the public platform, to reach out.
This request for help followed numerous resources and funding which was allocated to the county's Unsolved Unit.
Just last week, $100,000 were secured for the unit.
The money is part of the recently passed federal spending bill and will help pay for the expensive work of investigating these cases.
Over the past 50 years, the Sheriff's Office has identified more than two dozen unsolved victims who were either murdered, went missing or were unidentified.
The majority of those were young women.
These resources will allow the Unsolved Unit, to hopefully bring some peace of mind to families who have waited years for answers including the loved ones of Yolanda Bindics.
For 19 years, her case still not solved and justice still not served.
Tuesday night, 7News' Pheben Kassahun had the chance to speak with one of Yolanda's sisters, Margaret Queen, on what this renewed effort for answers would mean for the Bindics family.
"I believe it could help, as long as the individuals they are looking for will respond," Margaret Queen explained.
Margaret Queen is Yolanda Bindics' older sister.
The two, who were one year apart, were inseparable growing up.
The Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office and its unsolved crimes team issued a request for anyone who used the following usernames on the websites or discussing the case at the time, to reach out to
"Judge It"
"Knowledge is Power""
"Sam the Sham"
"Don" and or "Larry" from Fredonia
The Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office states your information will be kept confidential and your identity protected.
"It was taken down a long time ago for whatever reason. I didn't use much of it but I was aware then, years ago, that people were posting a lot of information about Yolanda's case and some rumors. We were never really sure, of course through the years, people were talking about certain things that were posted on there, that kind of confirmed, oh maybe it's not so much a rumor," Queen added.
The North Carolina resident told Kassahun this new request for information gives she and her family greater hope; hope that was once lost.
"With what the investigators now are doing, they're turning every rock over. The ones that were perhaps overlooked and they're getting down to every piece of it. They're getting down to it to reveal the truth of the matter," she shared via Zoom.
Queen said the investigators have been very supportive throughout this unfathomable process, and thanks them.
"They come with extreme knowledge and experience when it comes to homicide cases, and of course the others that are involved as well," Queen said.
Investigators renew call for help solving murder of Jamestown mother Yolanda Bindics Family of Jamestown mother marks 18 years since she was last seen alive New developments in the murder of Yolanda Bindics as the sheriff's office seeks possible witnesses