FDNY fire commissioner jeered during parade after promising to 'hunt' booing firefighters: 'You suck'

The New York City Fire Department's fire commissioner was booed and jeered at by protesters during a lively St. Patrick's Day parade in the Big Apple.

"You suck," one protester yelled at New York City Fire Department (FDNY) fire commissioner Laura Kavanaugh as she paraded by Trump Tower. "Firefighters are the hunters."

The outburst against Kavanaugh came after the city official promised to "hunt" down the protesters who booed Attorney General Letitia James when she took the stage at a ceremony last week.


Pretty cool.... I guess people get to a point of not wanting to deal with the bs that the current administration continues to support.

I'm still wondering if the Erie County democrat party gathered up all the biden petition signatures they were "obligated" to collect. The very same group of people supported Kathy Hochul? "The come one come all to NYS and we will support you" hochul. Why can't there be a class action lawsuit against the governor and supporting group for the damage their nonsense has caused. Billions of needed dollars because they invited people from around the work to come here... and support them. Let that sink in.

The more you think about it the more you realize how completely stupid people are in government including those who