About every other day I'll trudge over to the Subway on Chippewa for "lunch" . I use quotes because it's really around 8:30 a.m. when I'm eating my second meal of the day. Because of the early time, I usually avoid the hassle of waiting in line. This morning I was "stuck" behind a couple of teenagers, probably students at nearby Hutch Tech.

I've seen the paper cut-outs decorating the walls of the restaurant for a week or two, but didn't really pay attention to them. We've all seen the hearts, or shamrocks, or other symbols that occasionally adorn restaurants or mini-markets. Sometimes I buy one, sometimes I don't. These ones were shaped like Coke bottles.

Though neither teen was asked if they were interested in donating, one of the teens asked the Subway employee if he could still buy one of the "Roswell bottles". He gave the cashier a dollar, and he was handed the wall decoration, and a Sharpie so he could put his name on it.

When he was done writing on it, the teen placed the decoration next to register and sat down to eat with his friend. I decided that I would make a mental note of his name, and thank him for his generosity as I walked out. Except, he didn't write his name.

It sort of "clicked" in me - words were not really needed here. It was ME that needed a message. I was the one who could use a little positive reinforcement.

"Um, yeah....can I buy one of those bottles, too?"