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Thread: Lackawanna news

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    Cost-sharing agreement with city OK’d by board
    February 11, 2011, 12:00 AM

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    The Lackawanna School Board on Thursday approved an intermunicipal agreement between the school district and the city.

    School Board President John Makeyenko said the long-standing agreement covers services that the city provides to the school district, such as fuel, road salt, maintenance of the district’s baseball diamonds and other grounds services.

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    Lackawanna housing plan backedBy Harold McNeil


    February 8, 2011, 12:00 AM

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    The Lackawanna City Council on Monday agreed to support a national developer’s plan to construct 40 single-family rental homes for low-income residents in the city’s 1st Ward.

    The NRP Group, a full-service developer, general contractor and property manager, is seeking to buy the city-owned parcels and land for a clubhouse as part of a development that would be called Lackawanna Homes.

    City officials have offered to reduce the initial asking price for the 40 parcels to $225,000, from more than $300,000, to demonstrate support for the development, City Council President Charles Jaworski said in a Feb. 2 letter to the company’s vice president of development.

    Second Ward Councilman Geoffrey Szymanski was the only one of the five lawmakers to express reservations about supporting the project.

    “I’m not against this project. I’m just simply a little bit confused as to the direction this is at right now, and I’m not exactly comfortable with [Jaworski’s] letter that we are approving,” Szymanski said prior to a Council vote.

    After Monday’s meeting, he explained that he had conducted a basic Internet search of the company and learned that several cities around the country have been clamoring for similar NRP Group developments in their communities.

    Once completed, Szymanski said, the single-family homes would be rent-to-own properties, allowing renters to purchase the houses at a reduced price after 15 years of continuous renting. After that point, he said, the properties would become available to those renters for a purchase price of about $33,000 each.



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    Regents exams: Cancel some or make schools pay?
    Feb 17, 2011 10:48:30 AM / Comment
    While school districts across the state grapple with their own gloomy financial forecasts, the State Education Department's own situation isn't looking too rosy, either.

    Tom Precious reported that during budget hearings in Albany this week, the State Education Department's fiscal outlook is so bad that the state might have to cancel Regents exams, according to Education Commissioner David Steiner.

    "Steiner said a $15 million account to fund the Regents exams is facing elimination. Cuomo's proposed budget includes no money for the program, Steiner said, and federal funding that did cover the exams has run out," Precious reported.

    There's talk of scaling back to just two Regents exams: math and English.

    A few months ago, the state floated the idea of charging school districts $6 for each Regents exam taken by each student. Talk of that proposal is still circulating and riling local school officials.

    In fact, it tops the list of mandate relief proposals put forward by the Conference of Big Five School Districts (representing Buffalo and the other four biggest urban districts in the state): "Ensure that no new state assessment-related expenses are passed on to districts already struggling with difficult administration, scanning and scoring mandates that have already placed an unfunded fiscal burden on them."

    - Mary Pasciak

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    The biggest local improvement on the integrated algebra was in Lackawanna. There, 72 percent of students passed the exam last year, compared with 60 percent in 2008.

    Lackawanna also posted one of the biggest improvements on the English exam, with 90 percent of students passing last year, compared with 85 percent two years before that.

    # 1 = number of students who got 65% or better
    #2 = number of students who got 85% or better
    #3 = total number os students who took the test

    District School Subject Percent passing 65 and up Percent excelling 85 and up Number of students taking exam
    Erie Lackawanna City School District Lackawanna High School French 100 47 15
    Erie Lackawanna City School District Lackawanna Middle School Integrated Algebra 100 29 28
    Erie Lackawanna City School District Lackawanna High School Spanish 95 38 21
    Erie Lackawanna City School District Lackawanna High School English 90 19 140
    Erie Lackawanna City School District Lackawanna High School Living Environment 87 19 149
    Erie Lackawanna City School District Lackawanna High School U.S. History and Government 85 42 140
    Erie Lackawanna City School District Lackawanna High School Integrated Algebra 69 3 237
    Erie Lackawanna City School District Lackawanna High School Global History 65 19 175
    Erie Lackawanna City School District Lackawanna High School Physics 65 29 14
    Erie Lackawanna City School District Lackawanna High School Earth Science 63 11 177
    Erie Lackawanna City School District Lackawanna High School Math B 60 40 5
    Erie Lackawanna City School District Lackawanna High School Geometry 39 2 166
    Erie Lackawanna City School District Lackawanna High School Chemistry 31 3 64
    Erie Lackawanna City School District Lackawanna High School Algebra 2/Trigonometry 15 0 93

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    Post Change is Nice.......

    " Welcome to the City of Lackawanna Official Website "

    City Council
    City Clerk
    ""Do you have a picture of beautiful Lackawanna NY to submit? email it to us at and we'll post it online!""

    While checking out a few web sites I noticed that, and no offense to anyone, that the La City "Official Web Site" has had the same ole' same ole' going on 3years or so.
    They said to mail in pictures of "beautiful Lackawanna", anyone have any?

    I just went to the "Lackawanna City Republican Party" web site recently----VERY nice job GOP's! Thanks for the info!


    The City of Canandaigua Government's Official Website

    On-Line Utility Account Services

    City of Canandaigua residents and property owners now have the option of paying their water/sewer utility bills and accessing information about the status of their water/sewer utility accounts on-line.

    Requests for service (e.g.: water shut-off) can also be submitted on-line.

    Use this link to set up your on-line account access.


    Sidewalk Snow & Ice Removal
    ************************************************** ********
    Has anyone been there, it is very quaint, and has that nice home-town atmosphere. They are a small city too but they managed to preserve the integrity of their "Business District", and neighborhoods.

    What is the City of Lackawanna's legacy to OUR children? Why even the Steel Plant Museum is going in Buffalo---why didn't the politicians fight to find a home for them here?
    "Old North" at 1 Gate would have been ideal but ......... It is called a Vision, and the rest is sadly all of OUR City of Lackawanna history.

    A good character can not be bought.

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    This post is for Lackawanna News, not Canidaigua, if its so bad here and youve been trying to change everthing about GOOD OLE LA for forever and a day, Why dont you go some where else and give it a whirl? If you think about it, its really not that good here,but its really not that bad here either. Move on or move out!

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    Post Please........!

    Quote Originally Posted by lackawanna #1 View Post
    This post is for Lackawanna News, not Canidaigua, if its so bad here and youve been trying to change everthing about GOOD OLE LA for forever and a day, Why dont you go some where else and give it a whirl? If you think about it, its really not that good here,but its really not that bad here either. Move on or move out!

    Obviously, lack1, what I meant by comparison went way over your head. So sorry.

    Again, my Grandparents settled here in 1916, I was born here in 1953. My Dad instilled his love of Lackawanna in me and I can not stop my/OUR crusade against the greed of the "family and friends" club until they stop taking and give what is due the rest of US---a clean and modern city, inside and out!

    Good advice lack1, I have "moved on" ! Onto a new attitude about how to get to the bottom of this mess created by the decades of neglect and empty political promises from self-serving, pompous puppet members.

    You think I have been "trying to change everything" about Lackawanna forever, lack1?---Think again, NOT everything---just the Corruption that has decayed the infrastructure and the incompetence that has made us the laughing stock of WNY! I am sick of OUR City having a poor reputation to outsiders! My fight is and has ALWAYS been for OUR deserved dignity and a City of integrity to be inherited by OUR children! That is all I ask.

    Lastly, you are right, it is not that bad here because taxes are fairly low. Also if you do NOT:

    * Take your kids/grands to the playgrounds
    * Drive by or go into the "orange crate" perched on the hill
    * Are an employee and have to rig or go without state of the art tools,
    computers, electronic or safety equipment
    * Drive anywhere due to the lack of streetscape
    * Want to hit crater size pot holes on pretty much all streets (even the newly paved ones will be bad in no time---WHY?)
    * Try to shop at....well, this is really stuck in 1952!
    * I will not even mention the "School District"...........!
    * Etc., etc., etc.!

    Why do You lack1, want the City of Lackawanna to stay the same?

    P.S. My personal property tax situation is old news.

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    Post Why Can't Lackawanna? Why?

    February 21, 2011, 7:51 AM

    The Tonawandas are experiencing an upsurge in commercial real estate activity, and some hope the high-end housing developments and new interest in restaurants and other recreational offerings could help redefine the area at the end of the Erie Canal.

    The biggest of the new projects is a rehabilitation of a giant Sweeney Street warehouse by real estate mogul Tony Kissling. He says the loft-style apartment building, called Remington Lofts on the Canal, is modeled on buildings in Manhattan's SoHo and TriBeCa communities.

    "Overwhelming demand gives me confidence," said Kissling, whose project has drawn more than 1,000 inquiries. "It's just that no one has really done work-live lofts here, so some people don't believe it can be done."

    Kissling, also a successful New York City developer, is used to doubts. His company has about 25 properties in Buffalo, including several stylish buildings along Delaware Avenue, with more than 10,000 apartments and an occupancy rate of 92 percent.

    Jim Sullivan, who works for the City of North Tonawanda in development, has aided the project for five years. "Many things [Kissling] developed took other developers aback at first. They didn't think it would work, but everything he touches turns to gold," Sullivan said.

    Other projects in the area include Tonawanda Castle in the City of Tonawanda, a former armory that hosts events and weddings, and a proposed luxury townhouse development in the Town of Tonawanda. The Riviera Theatre is courting bigger, more diverse acts.

    Joyce Santiago, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce of the Tonawandas, has said businesses are enthusiastic about the Remington Lofts because the tenants and attractions should provide a new customer base.

    "It can only have a positive effect," she said, She also noted years of pent-up demand for waterfront living.

    Picture lavish lofts with high-end amenities: a salon and cosmetology school, a yoga studio, personal training and a white-tablecloth restaurant that serves up sushi. You might imagine the whir, hubbub and sizzle of brash Manhattan or Georgetown. But this is the vision for the near future of North Tonawanda, a developer's promise to fuse the ultra-modern with small-town charm.

    The Remington Lofts on the Canal is a $28 million work-live project scheduled for completion in November. The primary pool of residential tenants is expected to be workers for the building's retailers. Eighty-one residential units will be available. About 10 have been reserved. Rent for an average unit, about 1,200 square feet, will be $1,500 monthly.

    All the planned retail spaces have been rented. A Brooklyn-based computer company has rented two penthouse spaces. A $1.5 million multilevel restaurant will boast a elite Manhattan chef and enviable views of the canal.

    Skeptics might wonder: in North Tonawanda?

    North Tonawanda Mayor Robert Ortt believes the lofts will be at home in the small city cherished for its quaint Webster Street storefronts.

    "Clearly, part of the allure is the aesthetic. We happen to have the perfect building and location [on the Erie Canal]," he said.

    Ortt said many restaurateurs have expressed interest in the area.

    Ortt embraces the contrast between the lofts and their location as part of a transformational strategy for not only North Tonawanda but the entire region. The resurgence of apartment living in downtown Buffalo serves as a model.

    Jake Schneider, the developer behind The Lofts at 136, a student facility on North Division Street in downtown Buffalo, strongly believes such projects can help revive an area. He said he was able to attract Wilson Farms to the former warehouse he rehabilitated with the promise of 300 students as customers.

    "The two strongest commercial districts Buffalo has are Elmwood and Hertel," he said. "Strong neighborhoods are what make them vital, because they demand services that are not there. Downtown Buffalo does not have a real neighborhood yet, but we are getting there."

    Ed Woodbury, the president of leading Chicago-based developer McCaffery Interests, has experience with rehabilitating buildings in smaller areas and turning them into lofts. He believes his company's success in Pittsburgh has increased similar development and contributed to a newly unveiled riverfront redevelopment plan.

    "It has a social impact because it preserves history," he said. "We turned a derelict building into a national landmark. From an economic standpoint, these are very solid buildings, which helps the process."

    Ortt sees the North Tonawanda project, which he acknowledges would be more at home in a large, cosmopolitan city, as a step in a broader effort to change the perception of not only North Tonawanda but the region.
    Tonawanda's downtown. It can create the demand for the things we do not have at this time."

    "We need jobs and this style of housing to retain young professionals. It has the potential to ... redefine North
    Kissling is attempting to negotiate agreements for delivery from supermarkets, dry-cleaning businesses and other essential services. The facility will also provide 60-plus indoor tenant parking spaces.

    But why did a developer spend $650,000 four years ago for an old, declining building in an odd area?

    Scott Lacasse, executive vice president of The Kissling Interests, cited the proximity of the Erie Canal and years of inquiries for suburban accommodations.

    Sullivan said Remington has become a "cornerstone" of the city's effort to revitalize downtown. The city is offering incentives on facades and revitalization efforts along nearby Webster and Main streets.

    Urban planning professor Ernie Sternberg of the University at Buffalo strongly believes in the project.

    "It's an old industrial city. Often those kind of loft spaces are pretty solid. People want to live in them. It's only about one block from the [Riviera] theater, and there are some restaurants."

    The city helped The Kissling Interests obtain about $2 million in funding from the state when it encountered unexpected costs from structural damage. The city has also put $155,000 into nearby sewer and water upgrades.

    If the building is successful, Kissling says, there may be similar projects in the area.

    ************************************************** *******
    I am sorry it is such a long article----I am only trying to show the contrast between "Lack"awanna and Tonawanda.
    Yes, there are is Martin Rd Project and hopefully the First Ward new homes project will get the funding needed from the County to build them, BUT........

    So many years have passed since "the Plant" went down and we have......WHAT? What Vision did the "family and friends" club use to plan and complete THEIR goals to revitalize Lackawanna? Everytime I drive by St. Barbara's I want to throw up.

    Gosh, they travel enough to see what is hip and happening in other places!

    Give me an "L", A........C'mon Lets Go Lackawanna!

    I hope the club understands what I mean by this post.

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    Visit Sign up for "official" newsletter plus fundraising events for City of Lackawanna students. Visit the site for informational/events. Keeping the citizens of Lackawanna informed.

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    Post And WE get this?! TV News said we would have been blown to Pa.!

    Demolition order sought on building at Bethlehem site
    February 20, 2011, 12:00 AM

    Updated: February 20, 2011, 6:32 AM

    Lackawanna Mayor Norman Polanski Jr. said the city this week will seek a demolition order to level a newly constructed building on the old Bethlehem Steel site because the city never received permits for the building.

    In addition, Polanski said, four 1,000- gallon propane tanks that were installed haphazardly and without permission were shut down Thursday because they posed an even greater hazard.

    “These tanks were put right next to each other. If one of the tanks went up, they all would have gone up,” Polanski said.

    There also was concern that toxic chemicals on the site could have been ignited by the propane tanks. The mayor said the unpermitted building on the Bethlehem Steel site was constructed over railroad tracks and was discovered Wednesday by city Code Enforcement Officer Steven Bremer. The site is currently owned by ArcelorMittal, which, Polanski said, claimed to be unaware of the newly constructed building.

    ************************************************** ***

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    Sunny Lackawanna
    Hmmm, think someone is lying? Steve just happened upon this building?

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    Updated: February 23, 2011, 6:55 AM

    Lackawanna Council President Charles Jaworski said a potentially hazardous situation on the old Bethlehem Steel site was averted last week after a building that was constructed without the proper permits was shut down and four 1,000-gallon propane tanks were drained.

    The issue was raised during the City Council’s regular business meeting Tuesday, when former 1st Ward Councilwoman Andrea Haxton requested an update on the site during the public comment portion of the meeting.

    “The director of code enforcement is taking care of it,” Jaworski said.

    “It’s in the hands of the Law Department right now. The tanks have been drained, as far as my knowledge, and [the city Law Department] is going after the builder of the building,” he added.

    Last week, Mayor Norman Polanski Jr. confirmed the building constructed over railroad tracks was discovered Wednesday by City Code Enforcement Officer Steven Bremer and immediately shut down. In addition, four haphazardly installed propane tanks were discovered nearby.

    “These tanks were put right next to each other. If one of the tanks went up, they all would have gone up,” Polanski said late last week.

    The mayor said a demolition order would be sought this week to raze the building. The tanks were drained by Noco, he added.

    The former Bethlehem Steel site is owned by ArcelorMittal, which was leased to another company, according to city officials, though the city’s economic development director said officials were still attempting to pin down the name of the company that leased the property.

    “Tonawanda Coke’s name is being thrown around out there,” Miranda said, after the meeting.

    “They’re hauling the coke out there. The coal and coke get brought into this building to be warmed up,” Miranda added.

    Haxton on Tuesday questioned why city officials had not been aware of the building and the propane tanks earlier.

    “You can’t see [the site] from the road,” Jaworski replied.

    “I think you’re covering it up,” Haxton responded later.

    Both Miranda and Jaworski bristled at Haxton’s suggestion.

    “We secured the situation. We notified the public, and we did what we were supposed to do,” Miranda said.


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    Lackawanna News

    The Code Enforcement officer couldn't see the building from the road?

    So if it isn't seen with the naked eye, it doesn't exist?

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    Post Good Eye!

    Quote Originally Posted by Caz5 View Post
    The Code Enforcement officer couldn't see the building from the road?

    ""So if it isn't seen with the naked eye, it doesn't exist?
    “You can’t see [the site] from the road,” Jaworski replied. ""
    Yupper! "They" have an answer for everything don't "they"?

    Someone left the barn door open on this one, and at they put the well-being of the unsuspecting Citizens of Lackawanna in harms way!

    Why is this so hushed up? The tanks were outside so I realize that it makes somewhat of a difference if they blew, but...... Over a year? Mayor/Jaworski, Please tell us what this is really about. Someone knew something, too many people involved.
    ************************************************** ********

    Supplied by the Lackawanna Area Chamber of Commerce
    and edited by Rev. Robert McArtney.

    (This history of Lackawanna is offered because it explains the background of two of the items on this page, Father Baker and Our Lady of Victory, part of the Catholic Health System. Lackawanna is the home of this web site.)

    LACKAWANNA: located on the shore of Lake Erie. The city area is about six square miles and is approximately 600 feet above sea level.

    GOVERNMENT: Lackawanna has a Mayor-Council form of government, one councilman being elected from each of the four wards of the city while the Mayor and Council President are elected at large. The city maintains a modern police and fire department.

    POPULATION: 20,585 (1990 Census)

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    arrested in home invasion, attackBy Lou Michel


    February 24, 2011, 12:00 AM

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    Three young men were arrested Tuesday and Wednesday for what Lackawanna police say was a vicious home invasion early Saturday on Smith Drive.

    The three, armed with a shotgun, are accused of assaulting Jonathan Cochrain, 22, when they forced their way into his bedroom after midnight.

    “They kicked in his bedroom door, awoke him and attacked him with the butt end of a shotgun for about 20 minutes until they were able to get him handcuffed with zip ties,” said Capt. Joseph Leo, chief of detectives.

    The robbers then broke open a small gun safe bolted to shelving in Cochrain’s bedroom and removed about $3,200.

    Police were contacted after Cochrain managed to crawl out of his home. Lt. Mark Packard and Officers Michael Gawronski and Paul Fino found the victim in his driveway and took him to Erie County Medical Center, where he was treated for broken bones in his back and multiple bruises.

    Leo, Detectives Brian Lakso and Rodney Pietras and Officer Chuck Jaworski interviewed Cochrain and came up with information on possible suspects.

    “Two of the suspects were interviewed and admitted to taking part in the home invasion. The third suspect was arrested after we obtained an arrest warrant,” Leo said.

    Matthew M. Lucarelli, 21, and Eric J. Crawford, 18, were arrested Tuesday following their confessions, Leo said. Shawn M. Whalen, 17, surrendered Wednesday after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

    All three Lackawanna residents, remanded to the Erie County Holding Center, were charged first-degree robbery, first-degree gang assault, first-degree burglary, unlawful imprisonment, criminal possession of a weapon and criminal use of a firearm.

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