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Thread: Blast From The Past!

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    Blast From The Past!

    So, apparently Shelly Schratz has returned from who-knows-what/where and is wanting to become an Amherst Town Board member once again. Is this for real? Boomerang. No idea who her opponent is. What's the inside scoop on this?

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    I attended the candidate forum at the Senior Center last week. It was sponsored by the League of Woman Vultures, er, Voters, they claim to be non-partisan but they’re long time shills for the Democratic Totalitarians. They showed their true colors last week. Schratz was there along with Bob “Happy” Gilmour, Angela Marinucci and Michael Szukala…remember that name, if you don’t he’ll remind you of it every 30 seconds. The latter 2 are Democratic Totalitarians, Szukala, that’s Michael Szukala in case you already forgot, is currently on the town board. Actually, Schratz made as much sense as anyone. She did promise to try to return transparency to town government…if nothing else she can be a PITA, something Fatso sorely needs. The dynamic was interesting. Word on the street is that Fatso is helping Gilmour behind the scenes because he is as strongly pro developer as is Fatso. Marinucci is endorsed by the Sierra Club and worked at Berger & Berger, a law firm that has been in opposition to development many times in Amherst. Under the rules each candidate had 2 minutes to open and the close. Questions had to be submitted in writing and all candidates had to answer each question. Applause was limited to the beginning and the end and no questions would be entertained from the floor. One of the questions asked was whether the candidates support term limits. One of the worst kept secrets in town is that Fatso is trying to undue the term limits law so that he can run again. When answering the question Schratz pointed that she had been told there was a movement afoot to reverse term limits. Someone from the rear immediately began shouting that she demanded documentation of that claim. Under their own rules, the league members should have told her to be quiet and let it go at that. However, knowing as they did that leaving the issue hanging could reflect badly on Fatso they let Szukala, that’s Michael Szukala in case you forgot, answer. He launched into some circular story about another town’s term limits law. The funny part, Szukala, that’s Michael Szukala in case you forgot, got caught in a lie. He claimed that former board member , Dan Ward, wrote the term limits law but Schratz was on the board when that law was passed. She called him out immediately and claimed that the person who wrote the term limits law was actually sitting in the room. Who knows if that’s true because the person was never identified to the assembled multitude. Listening to the answers to the questions and to Szukala’s antic and factually incorrect defense of Fatso over possible term limits, in my opinion Szukala, that’s Michael Szukala ,in case you forgot, is little more that Fatso’s chief asswipe. I’d vote for any one but him

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