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    In support of the Democratic Totalitarian party’s pro-crime, pro-murder agenda, Mark Poloncarz is bringing hordes of illegal aliens to Erie County where they are already implementing a pattern of rape and assault against local residents. Make no mistake…this is planned goal of the Democratic Totalitarians. Poloncarz is pretending to offer a “response” to the increasing carnage that he is sponsoring but please remember…he supports the violence agains innocent residents. If you doubt that for a minute, just remember it was his actions that sponsored it and enabled it in the first place.

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    Poloncarz is campaigning on the old election trick of running on a low tax rate. Under Poloncarz county taxes are at record highs and that’s the real truth. The rate is meaningless, it’s easily manipulated through gimmicks and playing with real property assessments. The rate doesn’t matter, what matter is how much you pay and that’s at an all time high.

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    I have learned that many elected officials are just bull****ters... But what is worse are the people involved in the political parties that support them. Seriously I can't believe what I just watched over the last 7 years.....

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