The Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor Commission says the rich history of Buffalo appeals to businessmen and women, like Dionnah Mcilwain, who owns SuggaD's, a soul food restaurant on Jefferson Avenue.
"I want to satisfy my people. I want to be big in Buffalo, I don't want to leave, I will expand, but it's Buffalo for me; I am all about Buffalo," said Mcilwain.
Dionnah's home comes with a rich history.
Much of that history is focused at the Michigan Street Baptist Church.
"Buffalo is truly blessed to have these cultural gyms in the downtown core," said Terry Alford, Executive Director of the Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor Commission.
Alford says all these streets and buildings tell an essential story about Buffalo's African American community - dating back to those seeking freedom in the 1800s.
"It speaks to the 185 years of history that celebrates the cultural impact and the significance made in the city of Buffalo at its original growth," said Alford.
It's this enriching history that's inspiring people like Dionnah to invest in its future.
"We are gonna make it; everyone in the community is going to make it," said Mcilwain.