February 12, 2009 is a day devastation took over the lives of so many. Flight 3407 crashed into Karen Wielinski's home that once stood right here but now the land is a memorial.
"I wondered if I was alive or dead I really didn't know," she said.
The plane crashed as her 24-year-old daughter, her husband and her were at home. But only two made it out alive.
"Unbelievable miracle that Jill and I are still here today," Wielinski shared.
Twenty four people dies in the plane crash, yet to her those people died in her home.
"I'm not sure I'm ever going to adjust to that fact that you know that these people lost their lives right here," she said.
Wielinski said the memorial that now takes the homes place is something very special to her. The design, she shared, is very thought out and crafted with care.
"The shape is as the shape of a plane the wings of the plane the outline here the indentations represent the house itself" she stated.
There are two new signs that have been added to the memorial. Organizer Marilyn Kausner said the signs laying out exactly why this land is special
and the significance of each detailed of the design.
"Generations to come when we're not around anymore we want this to remain a site that recognizes the tragedy that happened," Kausner said.
She said she is no stranger to losing a loved one in this plane crash.
"Me and my husband lost our daughter Elly," Kausner shared.
She said she still has some hard times realizing Elly is gone. But the memorial has helped her as she hopes it help each of the other families.