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Thread: Lee Zeldin is the Law and Order Candidate for NY Governor

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    Lee Zeldin is the Law and Order Candidate for NY Governor

    NY state cop union backs Kathy Hochul (after she gave them a pay raise) – then bigger police group gets behind Lee Zeldin -

    The Police Conference of New York

    “Lee Zeldin opposed efforts to defund the police, supports keeping qualified immunity for our police officers, and as part of his plan to secure our streets, he proposes a law-enforcement bill of rights,” Police Conference of New York President Richie Wells said about Zeldin, of Long Island.

    “Lee opposes the disastrous cashless bail law, Less is More, and more pro-criminal policies that put criminals back on our streets and law enforcement in danger,” he added in reference to laws enacted on Hochul’s watch amid rising crime.

    The Police Conference includes about 200 law enforcement agencies with 50,000 total members whose leaders voted by roughly an 80% to 20% margin to back Zeldin over Hochul though member organizations can opt to endorse whoever they want in the increasingly hot gubernatorial race, according to Wells.

    One of those groups – the PBA of New York State – announced it was endorsing Hochul for a full term in office following a 2% pay bump approved by the governor as part of a new contract that expires on the eve of the April 1 state budget deadline next year.

    "Kick Back" Kathy strikes again.

    Hochul secretly huddles with billionaire megadonor who had hospitals bailed out by state

    Hochul is Cuomo 2.0: Looking after her donors cost taxpayers double for COVID tests

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    "Kick Back" Kathy strikes again.
    Why would the support Kathy?

    Has wben or Channel asked that question?

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