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Thread: Bush wanted votes; Clinton wanted sales

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    Bush wanted votes; Clinton wanted sales


    Bush wanted votes; Clinton wanted sales


    I feel President Bush came to Buffalo for, yes, our votes. However, he also told us his agenda. But I can't for the life of me forgive our unillustrious senator who came here for nothing but personal gain. Hillary Clinton wants votes and uses us to make her $10 million on her book. I can't believe she cares about helping us. All she wants is our help. Why doesn't she earn her money and do for us in return? This is what Canisius College's political scientist Kevin Hardwick can refer to as a "motive" for coming here - not like Bush who came for a reason.

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    Our Votes !!

    Don't fool yourself as to why Bush was here. He was here to push a law that allows an "AMERICAN" citizen on "AMERICAN SOIL"(O'Hare Airport) to be picked up and held for an indefinite period of time without legal representation. Yes, he was promoting the Patriot Act!
    I am not a Hillary backer, but I would choose her before any war mongering, step on the little guy Republican.
    Let me ask you this question; Is our country better now under Bush (everything considered) than under Hillary's husband?
    I think the answer is obvious.

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