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Thread: OT Costs off the wall In Sheriffs dept.

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    OT Costs off the wall In Sheriffs dept.

    How about these guys sucking up the OT. Their taking taxpayer's money right to the bank during Bills and Sabers.

    Appointed Sheriff's Office administrators collectively receive more overtime pay, by far, than those in any other county department or elected office. Over the past year, they have collected more than $700,000 in overtime. More than a third of that amount came from the stadium and arena security work, and overtime pay data provided by the Comptroller's Office.
    That doesn't include overtime paid to full-time union deputies and officers and seasonal workers, who account for the bulk of the security detail at many of these games and events.

    This is a good one. because partime, on-call deputies who provide security typically earn $36.66 an hour, but full-time administrators can earn more than $50 or $60 an hour.

    In response to a Buffalo News request, the Comptroller's Office provided information showing that from August 2021 to late July 2022, 20 appointed administrators received overtime pay, including nine hired or promoted by Garcia in January. Five others either retired during this time period or reverted to their civil service positions.
    He noted that at the Bills vs. New England playoff game in January, he was so short-staffed that he had to order officers and command staff to show up.

    "The issue isn't having too many people working there," he said. "The issue is not having enough people working there."

    I went to a number of sabres games last season you have the buffalo cops around the stadium screwing traffic up or sitting in their cars watching traffic or the signals that don't work.
    But they have been doing that for years useless.

    Inside the arena is a bigger joke you have a ECSD swat team that stands outside every game. Inside the arena, you have sheriff's deputies all over the place every game. They have to be the crabbiest people I have ever seen. ignore kids and people always have a face on like don't look at me. Took my grandkids to many games to see rick the saber dog when the dog was present. They stand around in groups do nothing and drink Horton's coffee and look like don't bother me. And of course, you have A state trooper in the mix one has a dog, and he has no clue how to handle the dog in a crowd like the NFTA cops with their dogs that's a site to see the walk their dogs. I just shake my head when I see that get some training on how to walk/heel your dog. Then you have the lone trooper that's usually in the lobby doing nothing but staring people down. How much is this costing the taxpayers?

    There are plenty of private companies out there hire these people for half the cost they also have working dogs that can go into the arena or stadium and sniff and actually work instead of standing around and looking like pricks in front of kids. many many big cities arenas hire out.

    Padding pensions for the retiring ones and Garica giving his buddies OT that is not needed. What BS this is.

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    God must love stupid people; He made so many

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    It was brought to my attention that Garica administrators he sends to these games are all buddies. $$$$ Also there is no set contract with money bags PSE who pays these cops.
    Like I said go out of the box with hiring companies with dogs and dog handlers for security. Dump the swat team if needed call them in.
    God must love stupid people; He made so many

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    yeah, let pegula hire private security and call the cops if actual arrests need to be made
    swat standing around in their camo with full autos with suppressors is ridiculous
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    I’m sorry but this doesn’t come close to the grab of taxpayer money perpetrated by the Poloncarz administration under the guise of “overtime” during the pandemic.

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