I was asked by someone I have worked with in the past to try to get some help for a family/kids.

I may need your help with getting sneakers and uniforms colors for a needy family. If you could use your awesome platform. I'm trying to help
The single mom works but she only makes $17 an hour and with the cost of rents these days, she's struggling hard.

Uniform colors navy blue or khaki pants

White shirts Kids sizes.

Twin girls
shoe size 5.5
Pants size 16 youth
Large youth size top

Boy 1
Shoe size 5
Pants 14/16 youth
Shirt. Large youth

Boy 2
Shoe size 8.5
Pants 18 youth
Shirt xl youth

If you are interested in helping with one item or two let me know. I can get more details on sizes. I am assuming this is for the upcoming school year.