Oh, boy Hiccup Marks crew caught restring flag pole on Borden road. Not unusual for town crews to due this over the years. :eek

The Cheektowaga Town Board will look into a complaint that a town highway crew assigned to a bucket truck restrung rope on a flagpole on private property, a councilman said. What happened at the property in May doesn't appear to be an isolated occurrence.

"Too much of this stuff has been buried, and I commend the people that finally came forward," Councilman Jerry Kaminski said at Tuesday's Town Board meeting. "This is taxpayers' money that has been wasted for years." Kaminski making comments like this is dumb. Jerry, you own a business for years where town equipment was sent for dump boxes, plows, salters, mud flaps with your business name all over them lift gates. That is free advertisement on town-owned trucks. You are as guilty as anyone else even so you put the kid's name on everything. I think there was a little investigation with you and a local collision shop in dealings. I would like to have Ron Plants look into how many trucks you did for the town over the last 13 years.

Again politicians have been elected over and over for years in this town. Happy hour Mark needs to go along with Jerry.